2018 Emmy Awards Red Carpet

I haven’t been able to write an Awards Show Fashion Review for quite some time.  Happily, one of the reasons is that I’ve been busy with all of my jobs.  Unhappily, the other reason is what friends of mine call The Fatigue.  It’s as if, in 2016, the Internet itself jumped the shark. There’s just. so. much. snark.  The cycle from “news” to meme has become seconds.  Everyone’s got an opinion, a tweet, a blog.  We are inundated with the same information ten times in an hour.  What on earth would I have to say that’s new?

I also feel like criticizing celebrities, as much fun as that can be, is just not the energy I wanted to contribute to.  Last night watching the 70th Annal Emmy Awards, I kept trying to think about why people care what goes down the Red Carpet.  It’s frivolous, and it’s a ridiculous amount of energy we spend celebrating people whose job it is to act when so many unsung teachers, first responders, parents and good samaritans do far more, far better.

Honestly, it all goes back to my love of Fashion itself.  The actual garments.  I mean, watching Jessica Biel take a turn in her Ralph & Russo gown and seeing Sarah Paulson float downstage….these are the moments I remember how much I love formalwear.  It’s the Fashion Show we’re all invited to.  Last night didn’t reveal anything groundbreakingly new, but there were some great looks.

Sarah Paulson wore a dreamy feathery skirted strapless gown with an almost tea length hemline.  The top was sculptural, not unlike her hair, which was a bit severe for my liking.  Mille Bobby Brown wore a high-low version of a tea length dress.  Although sweet and age appropriate, I thought the stiff hoop skirt didn’t work.

Judith Light and Thandie Newton wore covered up, drapey, capey, color blocked gowns that looked simple yet dramatic.  I love both of these.  Judith could have gone with less of a shoe, though.

Angela Bassett and Claire Foy did white, sculptural, drama in different but similar ways.  I loved both of these.  Does Claire have two different shoes on? Hmm.

Keri Russell, Taraji P Henson and Amy Sherman Palladino all played with the extreme high-low, short dress-long tail situation.  I think Taraji wore it best, as she embraced the dramatic in the fabric as well as the silhouette.  The others feel costumey, a la PT Barnum.

There’s always a fair share of head to toe sequins at awards shows.  I always imagine those dresses as being wildly uncomfortable.  I liked all of these, Mandy Moore’s the least.  I think the hemlines of the other two make them more liquid than prom.  Note the mini-trend of the night, the diamond drop earrings on Samira and Constance Wu.

File these under Something Just a Little Off.  I think the color of Issa Rae’s jumpsuit makes it look Vintage (in a dowdy way), the dropped waistline of Emilia Clarke’s makes me wanna hoist it up, and Regina King’s is fine, but I have seen that precise dress too many times to enjoy it.

Comedians and Comedic Actors can sometimes go a little haywire on the Red Carpet (Maya Rudolph, call me!), but I thought these ladies looked great last night.  I love an evening suit, and Leslie Jones and Cristian Siriano have an Instagram friendship for the ages.  Aidy Bryant, newly married, looked amazing.  I love Kate McKinnon’s simple gown, and Tiny Fey always looks good.  I did loathe the mens belt she appeared to be wearing though.

I love me a deep V.  And Gina Rodriguez and Sandra Oh knocked this look out of the park last night.  Stunning.

I’ll just leave these here.  Although, I love Tracie Ellis Ross, and I appreciate the statement sleeve, I just feel like it would be like wearing giant butterfly wings to a business conference.  She had to stuff herself into her chair, there was a lot of posing and such on the Carpet, I just didn’t think it was right for this event.

Dreamy, Drapey, Goddesses.  Heidi Klum finally looks normal, for a supernatural supermodel.  Thank you for stepping away from the crazy.


Modern, elegant, dramatic, romantic, this checks all the boxes for me.  Well done, Mrs. Timberlake.


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