Side Hustle Snack

It’s been two years since I designed the offices for BSTV Entertainment, a 10 time Emmy Nominated Production Company in my home town of Montclair, New Jersey.  That they film The Kitchen steps away from our offices is one of Montclair’s best kept secrets.  I was honored when they asked me to come on board to help with everything from small design projects like framing and installing their Emmy Nominations or Show Posters, to re-imagining their office floor plan (almost weekly!).  Oh, and I order their snacks.

A few hours a week, and I get to hang with some of the most creative, funny, and talented Millennials, while taking on more than just design.  There’s always a party for me to plan, an event to oversee, a fundraiser to throw, a holiday card to design, and yes, those snacks.  Millennials love their snacks.  Soon I was helping them re-design their website, upgrading their Social Media game, and installing and uninstalling workstations like the tide.

It’s a great way to supplement my Design Business, which has had a ‘feast or famine’ way of humming along for the last twenty years I’ve been in the biz.  Two years ago, imagine my surprise when my side hustle turned into my main hustle.  There was a space that became available in town adjacent to the studio where we shoot The Kitchen, and I got to design the space (literally) from the ground up.  With the help of the Sionas Architecture (I’m not an architect, and I do not play one on TV), we created a modern office space out of what had been the former DMV Inspection Station for many many years.  It took these two years for me to take the time to photograph the space — typical of many designers I know.  The impetus was the inaugural Montclair Design Week coming to town this fall.  The theme is “Messy Design”.  I will say this.  Ain’t nothin’ messier than said Millennials, eating snacks, in an open design floor plan.

Please enjoy these long over due photos of my labor of love.

IMG_4654 3IMG_4663 4IMG_4665 4IMG_4688 3IMG_4702 3IMG_4721 3IMG_4748 2IMG_4732 2



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