The Year of the Loo

As a Designer, I am confronted with trends all day long.  Keeping up with them, learning them, deliberately ignoring them, interpreting them, and occasionally loving them (hello, millennial pink!). Interior Design trends can be pretty costly for clients, especially when expressed in hard surfaces like flooring, tile, and fixtures.  The biggest trend in MY business this year however, was bathrooms!  Not just what type of bathrooms I designed, but the sheer number of them I was asked to design.

I wrote about my own three-at-a-time bathroom reno here, and who knows? Do bathrooms beget bathrooms? Or was my own triple reno an inadvertent sponsored post (by me, for me)? Regardless, everywhere I turn, my clients are either ripping up or freshening up their loos.  My life savings renovations are shown below.  BEFORE….


And AFTER…..


2nd Floor Bath


3rd Floor Bath


Powder Room


Proof that no matter what your budget is, there’s always area for improvement in the most used room of the house is shown next.  The client below was selling her condo and needed a little-to-no cost upgrade for her main bathroom.  All we purchased here was paint, a few accessories and new knobs for the cabinet.  Take a look at the results.





On the other budget extreme, it would be hard to get the same results in this brown tiled master bath, as we’d be asking an awful lot of a can of color, but this empty nester was ready to create her dream bathroom, complete with soaking tub and double vanity.







One more end of the spectrum is this family of five who needed to maximize every inch of this six by ten foot bathroom in their home, the only one for all five family members.


We maximized storage by adding a medicine cabinet that went the entire length of the wall.  There’s no rule that says it needs to fit within the confines of the vanity!  We also tucked the toilet paper holder in the recess of the side of the vanity, placed three towel hooks on the back of the door, and added the hand towel hook in a sliver of space by the light switch.





A smaller window was installed to give the room better proportions, tiled niches were added to the shower area, and last but not least, we fooled the eye by hanging a floor length custom shower curtain from ceiling height versus the standard height of the shower head.  This room feels twice as big, open, airy modern.







We’re hoping next year is The Year of the Kitchen, but hey.  Bathrooms are fun too!  Call us for any room in your house, no matter what your budget looks like, we can make you love your home again.






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