Moody Blues

There are countless online Decorating services that promise you a virtual design from afar with little more from you than a questionnaire (and a few hundred bucks).  What you get in return is what is called a “Mood Board”.  The items on the Mood Board represent what the Designer thinks you want, and what the Designer wants to sell you.  Mood Boards are fun to make, fun to shop, and fun to look at.  But how close can a Mood Board come to the real life design? When you’ve never met your designer, or your designer has never been in your space, it can look like, well, someone else shopped for you.  I’ve had to “fix” several clients’ homes who went down that path.  Errors aside, I like a good mood fix as much as the next gal, and have had great success in using them as a tool to communicate visually with my clients.  Take a look at a few examples from my latest project below.  These rooms made my and my clients’ mood sing!


Mood Board


Living Room

In the Mood Board above, you can see the rug, the sofa, the wall color, and the TV unit, all of which we purchased for the design.  The mirror is a bit different, and a few other minor details changed along the way (the client chose two sofas instead of a sofa and two chairs), but generally, this was a quick and easy way for her to see what I was intending for the design.  The biggest transformation, however, was the stair railing, which I had completely redesigned with a cable system.  Here is the before photo of the railing, with the after on the right.


An adjacent sunroom was brought to life with bright, fun pops of color while still keeping the beachy vibe the owner wanted throughout.


Mood Board




In this room, the previous design was heavy and very…literal (note the map lampshades).  I opened up the space with lighter furniture, took advantage of the existing blue ceiling, and made sure all of the pieces were multifunctional.  The coffee table is a storage ottoman that flips to a tray, the sofa pulls out to a sleeper, and the  round storage baskets act as end tables for extra lighting.  This is likely going to be the day-to-day entry point of the home, so I made sure to create a “mudroom moment” (shoe rack, hooks, mirror) as well as adding a desk for the family computer.

Our trendslation of Mood Boards?  Remember whether you are creating your own or hiring someone virtually, everything still needs to fit, function, and flow with the rest of your home.


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