Best Day Ever (aka Door Number 3)

For as long as I’ve had my business, I have always left my clients’ homes better than before I came. And thusly, my clients’ happier than before I came.  In fact, most of my clients are repeat customers, and most of my new clients come from referrals and word of mouth.  Yay me.  Confession time, however.  I run a business that hinges on the visual.  And it is a world of snaps and instas and GIFs and tumblrs, and I, dear readers, RARELY remember to take the before photo.  The thing about the before photo is, if taken properly, will make any after photo look even better than it is.  It helps clients undesrstand what I do, and it is my living portfolio.

My problem is that by the time I get to a clients’ home, I am raring to go.  I walk in and almost immediately see what needs to be done, what I want to do, what they should do, all of it.  I temper this a bit so as not to steamroller my client’s input, and — truth be told — many of my clients have had better ideas or information that I ever could have come up with alone.  So I bite by tongue and slow myself down as much as I can and immerse myself in their home, their needs, and before you know it, I’ve left their home looking fabulous but sans before photo.  I should also note that I often don’t take an after photo, but I’m getting better at that.

Today is a different day.  Today is the best day ever because not only do I have epic before photos of the Green Monster in my home, but even more so because I have a new functioning bathroom to enjoy as a result!

And so, I give you, Door number 3 (see doors one and two here).  This bathroom was the being used by all four of my family members, and was beyond any scrubbing, decorating, and updating I could do.  Believe me, I tried.  Over the years we re-grouted, changed up the towels, the artwork, replaced the light and the mirror, none of which could make it not green, not ugly, the fixtures not almond, and not awful.  Side note — one before picture I DID forget to take 18 years ago, was of the wooden carved black fish decor that was on the door of the toiletry closet.  I’ve recreated that here in Sharpie, as an homage and goodbye.


This bathroom is now the 2nd floor main bath for our kids and any overnight guests.  I got rid of the mini closet, the odd bench/radiator combo and now had room enough for a large vanity.  I used a stationary glass shower door to make the room feel larger, and a HUGE mirror with modern pendants to add some eclectic style.  Most of the budget went to the Carrera hexagon tile, while I saved by using white subway tile in the shower and by keeping the window we had replaced some years prior.  If this doesn’t make up for a lack of before and afters, I dont know what will.  Seeing this bathroom done is in fact, the BEST day ever.

One final BEFORE:






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