2016 Oscars Fashion Review

“Damn right Hollywood is racist!”  Well, now that we got that out of the way, it’s time to talk FASHION!!!  I actually loved how Chris Rock handled the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, walking the line of addressing it directly as a serious problem in the industry, while giving some perspective about the larger issues in our culture, not just Hollywood.  Speaking of #OscarsSoWhite, perhaps Mr. Rock took his fashion cue from the hashtag?  I LOVED him in this elegant and perfectly tailored white jacket tux.  No one has looked more Gatsby….

I can start by saying there were so few disasters on the Carpet that I was almost a bit bored.  It’s been a looooong awards season, and after a while you start hoping for a swan or a meat dress.  Other than Heidi Klum’s DISASTROUS purple confection and Jared Leto’s Joker Costume, complete with red piping and flower that you just KNOW squirted margaritas, the carpet was lovely, tame, and pretty.  In fact, even the MEN may have out prettied the women!

I found that the men this year wore more color (midnight blue, forest green, gray, white), more texture (velvet, satin, even sequin trim on Kevin Hart), and more slim of a fit in their tuxedos.  It was ironic that Chris Rock joked that there’s no need to #askhimmore because all of the men are wearing the same thing, because this year showed quite a bit of variety.  Bravo, gentlemen.  Leo, fire your tailor.  You have one thing to get right if you go basic tux, and that’s tailoring.  The baggy pants  did not match your triumphant evening.  What DID match Leo well was Kate, finally finally finally wearing something DIFFERENT!  Her blackish greenish liquid metallic strapless gown was a modern edgy VISION.  I loved her hair down, and I loved simply that she played around a bit with her look.  Unlike Reese Witherspoon, who wore HER Reese Witherspoon finest in a boring if excitingly colored strapless mermaid gown.  Does she need to divorce again to bring out sexy edgy Reese?

The Internets complained that Tina Fey and Reese were twinning, but to my eye they looked completely different.  Tina looked elegant and pretty if not a bit tired.  I loved Jennifer Lawrence in Dior (again), and thought Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell’s pants within a dress was just enough edge with plenty of her newly minted elegance.  Olivia Wilde wore Alicia Vikanders’ dress from the Globes, and Jennifer Garner and Sofia Vergara were in similar flowing, well-constructed strapless gowns.

The top of Juliane Moore’s gown looked a bit tortured to me, and Kerry Washington seemed to take her role as a “Gladiator” to heart in a leather breast plate.  She can do no wrong in my eyes, so I loved it.  Olivia Munn stunned in a simple orange red capelet dress that I thought was modern and cool.  One of my all time favorite style stars, Charlize Theron, wore a red plunge neck dress with a shoulder treatment I’ve seen before on her but am not mad at.  The long diamond necklace made this look a HUGE winner for me.

I SO wanted to love Alicia Vikanders’ Louis Vuitton yellow bubble hem gown, and I did love the color, her hair and makeup, and the strapless part.  I just can’t even with the high low bubble hem and what looked like random iron on sequin appliqués.  Priyanka Chopra did appliqués well in a very elegant version of a Naked Dress.  The belt, the layers, the train, the whole look was very pretty, but as my 14 year old daughter pointed out, “her boobs are squished”.

Two of my favorites were Cate Blanchett in a light blue textural floral Armani Prive and Mindy Kaling in a stunning simple black and blue modern gown.  The blue train gave it the girlieness I wanted.  Speaking of trains, they might be the only trend of the evening, as many stars gathered and stomped and twirled yards of fabric behind them.

Margot Robbie and Rooney Mara both went long sleeve, with two very different looks.  I loved Margot’s small black clutch with long, dramatic tassel, and Rooney Mara’s ethereal yet severe dress with cut out suited her personality well.  Sarah Silverman’s black sculptural gown didn’t suit her personality to my eye, but was pretty nonetheless.  And why am I so tired of Naomi Watts?  I can’t put my finger on it, but every time I see her feel bored.  There was certainly nothing wrong with her fish scale purple and blue strapless gown, I just wasn’t loving moved.

Rachel McAdams wore a VERY low back, very wrinkle prone green satin gown.  I don’t know why women would choose a gown that wrinkles so heavily for an occasion that calls for 6 hours of sitting, but it was a pretty dress.  When she finally came on stage to present, though, she was shown already at her mark, and I really wished we could have seen the dress move.  She also looked so disappointed after her loss, she seemed sort of glued to the stage trying to get through her lines without crying.  Brie Larson, who did win a statue last night, wore a blue frilly thing with a very bejeweled belt.  This dress felt VERY prom to me, like back of Prom Monthly Magazine ads prom.  I really didn’t care for it.

My worst dressed would have been Amy Poehler in a massive cape kimono embroidered thing, but Heidi Klum’s sleeve was so offensive to me I have chosen her to be “out”.  My best dressed was the gorgeous lovely incredible Saoirse Ronan in a green sequin Calvin Klein gown.  Her hair and makeup were perfection and I think no one has looked better on the Red Carpet ever.  Well, until next season.  Simply beautiful.


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