2016 SAG Awards Fashion Review

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If Awards Shows had personalities, the Screen Actors Guild Awards would be the smarter older brother.  It’s Actors voting for Actors, so there’s a touch of a popularity contest at play, but for the  most part, Actors tend to right the wrongs of the various Academies and Associations that call most of the other Awards Show shots.  The winners last night were like a big middle finger to the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, as there was a diversity on stage that was a more accurate representation of what went down in entertainment in 2016.  Perhaps this Actors taking care of Actors vibe gives way to the fashion choices, perhaps not.  After all, who do we dress for?  Im my view, there was an intelligence to the Red Carpet last night, seen in thoughtful, beautiful creations on most everyone except Carol Burnett & Lori Petty. I will say this about their ensembles, they were FEELING themselves on the Red Carpet and that’s always a fashion “do”.  So now, let’s nit pick for fun, shall we?

Did everyone hit it out of the park?  No.  Nicole Kidman wore a Gucci dress that has been making the rounds on enough magazine covers (Rooney Mara on Elle) and tv talk shows (Dakota Johnson on Fallon), the by the time she wore it, with her weave and the long messy jewelry, it just looked clownish.  Kelly Cuoco looked lovely in a black dress that was ruined by a huge Nancy Kerrigan skating outfit nude illusion SEAM down the side length.  I cannot understand why she even needed the illusion at all, it wasn’t holding anything in or covering a lack of undergarments, it was in a location that surely could have been set free without incident.  Amanda Peet wore what looked like a J.Crew wedding dress that needed  a serious underpinning consult.  I was disappointed in Juliane Moore in a lime green foil wrapped space suit situation, and Gaby Hoffman wore a sequined gown that changed colors as you touched it.  I actually like this dress and this fabric, but it was two inches too short, revealing the oddest green suede shoes I think I’ve seen on the Red Carpet.  Styling fail.

So who DID hit it out of the park?  Too many to list!  Alicia Vikander wore a stunning sequined Louis Vuitton Mondrian inspired column dress. To my style eye, she’s this years’  breakout fashion star, this years’ Lupita, if you will.  I loved Viola Davis in a form fitted taupe colored gown, and I always love what she has to say.  In fact, it may be worth mentioning that I think the folks at E! Entertainment have finally struck a balance of how to speak to female actors about their work AND their dresses.  Giuliana Rancic & Brad Goreski not only looked FANTASTIC in my opinion, but handled the interviews well.  It will likely all go to pot Monday night when the Worst Show in Television, the Fashion Police airs, but hey.  Small victories.

A special shout out to Sofia Vergara for wearing something other than what she always wears.  Form fitting, strapless and sexy still, I liked the simplicity of this pink column dress on her.  I also loved Claire Danes in classic Claire Danes, and Naomi Watts in a floral column and blunt bob.  January Jones didn’t look like January Jones, but lucky for her, Kiernan Shipka DID look like January Jones.  Ellie Kemper was also in a sweet geometric and modern dress that I liked a lot.  Also unrecognizable was Amy Poehler, who is so pretty in her work and always just a big fat mess to me on the Carpet.  I also watched a lengthy interview with Christina Ricci and had NO CLUE it was Christina Ricci.  I guess Actors like to reinvent?

Tina Fey was a disappointment in a very H&M maxi red halter.  Julia Louis Dreyfuss was in a pretty tea length affair and my favorite funny lady, Kristin Wiig was in a pants situation that I can’t decide if I love or hate.  I LOVED the top half, the bottom may have needed to be narrower, or longer? or something-er.  And easy on the spray tan, lady.  Oompa Loompa vibes, for sure.

Channeling Old Hollywood were Sarah Silverman and Christina Hendricks.  It’s hard to tire of this classic look, and I like that they mix it up from time to time.  Sarah Paulson’s dress was one of those dresses that was probably incredible in person, but was too playful (ok, Muppet like) on top for her severe makeup and RBF  (resting bitch face).  Seemed off kilter a bit.  Never mind, have you all heard she and Holland Taylor are in LOVE????  I just love that.  Wear whatevertheheck you want.

If there was a trend last night it may have been the color green, it was everywhere from Ms. Hoffmans’ Buster Browns to Uzo Adubos’ metallic column dress.  Marisa Tomeii looked pretty in green but perhaps channeling Helen Mirren a little too early in her career. Kate Winslet wore The Same Dress She Always wears but in green versus blue.  I love a girl who knows what works on her body, but with her resources, play a little!

Ok, time for the lightening round:  Laverne Cox, glamazon. Susan Saradon, cleavage for days. Brie Larson, haphazard wrinkled & confused. Anna Chlumsky, Angry Bird hair & makeup. The Mara Sisters, haunting. Anna Faris & Emilia Clark, beautiful in red & pink, respectively. 

My Best Dressed goes to Rachel McAdams, in an Elie Saab black lace floral illusion dress that she clearly wore to win her award.  This dress was simply breathtaking, head to toe, top to bottom.


All Photos Getty Images via The Huffington Post



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