2015 Grammy Awards Fashion Review

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Fashion Review.  Right.  Ok, well, as a music lover, it’s a bit hard for me NOT to comment on the lackluster PERFORMANCES on last nights’ Grammy Awards show, but I will try to stick to the fashion duds versus the musical ones.  In general, the Grammys are an opporunity for typically edgy celebrities to express themselves “no holds barred”, so much so that in 2014 the Grammy Association issued a set of “rules” around cleavage and body part exposure (to which no one adhered).  Sheer was most certainly the headline last night for the ladies, mostly in the form of graphic cut-outs pieced together artfully or with illusion.

Chrissy Tiegen wore a white Gucci that was a spin on Kate Hudson’s’ Golden Globe dress, sans the sparkles.  Iggy Azalea, Katherine McPhee and Miley Cyrus wore cut outs in a striking way, along with the second major trend on the runway, pared down makeup.  Traditionally red-lipped and smokey-eyed celebs from Taylor & Gwen to Iggy & Miley wore nude makeup palettes that I found fresh and modern.  Speaking of Ms. Stefani, I ADORED her Versace jumpsuit with mesh beaded caging at the top.  It was the perfect Grammy look.

There’s always some Crazy at the Grammys, it’s what we love about the show.  Last night had a few fun moments on the carpet, but for the most part I found it pretty tame. Lady Gaga, known for her Meat Dress, that Pointy Star Dress, and the Bubble Dress chose to arrive plainly (for her — one imagines her cleaning her bathroom in that Brandon Maxwell silver beaded gown) with the venerable Tony Bennett playing the role as her Egg.  Or whatever that was she arrived on in 2011.  Charlie XCX wore a pink satin Moschino tuxedo with fur stole, and was fun and wacky, but I wouldn’t call it envelope pushing.  Probably my favorite in the edgy category is Rihanna.  I LOVED her Red Carpet arrival — late, running out of her limo into the venue, tousled tied up hair, very little makeup, and an explosion of pink tulle that started just under the bustline creating an exaggerated runway-ready silhouette.  The Giambattista Valli couture gown WAS pretty much ripped off the runway, and I loved how it gave drama as only Ri Ri could.

Safe and beautiful were Taylor Swift in an Elie Saab ombre blue dress with dual hemlines and the very popular cut out trend, I liked the purple shoe with the blue-green dress, but I thought her hair looked old.  The sheer trend played out in the “long flowing sheer gown atop an opaque mini skirt or high-waisted panty” on no fewer than the following artists:  Nicki Minaj in Tom Ford (tasteful for her), Meghan Trainor in Galia Lahar  (all about that lace, ’bout that lace….), and Jessie J in the best version of this look as she sung on stage with Tom Jones.  The dress was modern and clean and interesting to look at.  Way more interesting than the tired arrangement of the song they were singing, but I digress….

In the ‘What were they thinking?’ category (although I’m fairly certain they don’t do much of that) was Kim Kardashian West in a heavily beaded gold pimp bathrobe. Clearly Elvis and Hugh Hefners’ stylists collaborated on this Jean Paul Gaultier look that totally overwhelmed the short if not diminutive Kim.  Plus, every time we see her it’s all, “saw ya naked!”  So it hardly matters what she wears.

The young’uns were a mixed bag last night, I thought Ariana Grande looked like Versace pinned a chain mail swatch to her dress as a way of saying, “maybe we should scrap the white and go silver?”, and despite my 13-year-old daughter explaining the plight of Ms. Grande’s post Disney Hair Tragedy (it fell out after being dyed so much?), I am so tired of the ponytail. There must be a different way of styling her hair besides that while we all wait for her hair to grow back….  Katy Perry wore a sparkly Zuhair Murad short dress that I thought was really beautiful, but the belt killed it for me.  She’s known for being the Girl with Just a Little Too Much (color, makeup, hair, boobs, sharks), so I can forgive this, but still.  Ditch the belt.

The men of the evening were by and large looking great, I though Sam Smith was elegant and dapper in white tie, and John Mayer stunned in a gorgeous tux that complemented the pink guitar he played onstage.  Nick Jonas was in a fun and funky Versace plaid suit, and I love Pharrell in his Adidas shorts suit.  The irony of he and the AC/DC dude both rocking the shorts onstage was a fun fashion moment for me.  I was not a fan of Keith Urban and Kanye in the shirtless (or low-cut) shirts, sporting man cleavage or some such chestiness.

Always elegant,  Beyoncé was in a low-cut beaded gown, and Jennifer Hudson cool and sleek in a white tube dress from Tom Ford. Ciara was breathtaking in an organza gown that read more Oscar than Grammys, but really — unless she sings a Disney song right quick, she ain’t goin’ to the Oscars, so have at it.

And then, there’s Madge.  Madonna wore two Givenchy costumes last night, one on the Red Carpet and one to perform.  they were gaucho inspired circus act type deals that looked so bloody uncomfortable it made ME uncomfortable to watch her.  I vow to write an entire blog post just about Aging and Fashion in Hollywood, as I have much to say on this topic….perhaps once I weather my own mid-life crisis, but for now I have to say that I don’t love how much I want to skewer her fashion, choreographic and musical choices last night, because you know, she’s MADONNA.  She’s a legend, and it’s not fair to her or anyone that we wheel Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney out on stage to sing and allow them to “be relevant” while we lambaste the women for having the audacity to age in front of our eyes.  That said, there’s an effort that shows when Madonna approaches these events.  I remember last years’ pimp suit and grill….she’s just trying. so. hard.  In stark contrast, Ms. Annie Lennox came onstage and sung her patootie off wearing who knows/who cares what, and the crowd went wild.  Less trying.  More being.  Authenticity is always sexy.


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