We’re nearly ten days into 2015 as I write this, and my guess is that many of you may have already abandoned your New Years’ Resolutions, while some of you may be juicing, planking and abstaining your way to a new you.  I’ve always felt that January 1st is the wrong time to begin anew.  First of all, its freezing outside.  Cold, dark and windy doesn’t exactly inspire me to want to eat kale salad or prepare for bikini season.  Secondly, we’ve likely just come off the busiest time we’ve had all year.  Year-end, quarter-end, marking period end, semester end,  Holiday parties, gift giving, gift recieving, gift returning, cooking and cleaning and eating and really, it’s enough.

Give me a nice September renewal period — pencils, paper, the offspring back to their free daycar–I mean school…it can be an excellent time for grownups to take stock and make lists (if not accomplish them).  Another time of year rife with opportunity is Spring.  We can mirror natures re-birth, cleaning, purging, and peeling away the layers of whatever no longer serves us in our lives.  Heck, 4th of July is as good a time as any to clean out the garage!  Why do we feel tied to the calendar year in this most hideous of weather seasons, to have to improve ourselves?  Can’t we just leave ourselves alone until our faces don’t hurt when we go outside?  Until the taxes are filed?

I’m not even fully convinced that I believe in resolutions as a concept.  I resolve to not do the things that make me feel other than I wish I was?  What is that?  I’m all for self-improvement, but I’m not all that sure if self-punishment is the way to go about it.  I am, however a huge proponent of self-care.  The ol’ oxygen mask on the plane, fill your own bucket, take care of you so you can take care of everyone and everything else thang is very much my jam.

So this January, I resolve to get more massages.  To take more yoga classes.  To eat  (and drink!) the highest quality ingredients I can afford, and to allow for Trader Joe’s Freezer nights when I just can’t deal.  I resolve to use moisturizer with great enthusiasm, and wrap myself in as much cashmere as I can find.  My trendslation of New Years’ Resolutions?  See you in April!


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