Livin’ is Easy

I am often asked to write blog posts that contain my top ten seasonal trends or must-haves.  In fact, I have done so, a few times here.  I have also learned that lists of any kind are considered Internet Gold. For “likes” and “shares” and “eyeballs” and such, folks are known to simply not have the patience to read sentences.  Just look at sites like Huffington Post or Buzz Feed, and if it can be distilled into bullet points, they’ve done it. Buzz Feed then creates a subsequent quiz out of the list, all the while mining your personal data to better serve you with, you guessed it, more lists.  So, which Gladiator Sandal ARE you?  To the knee? Lace up? Zip up? Ankle height? Come on people, you have time to waste!

The other thing about top ten lists, (besides invoking memories of David Letterman), is that they  are never the end all, be all that we would like.  As soon as I hit “publish” I’m flooded with ideas for #11, 12, etc.  They are also a moment in time–subject to the weather, the tides, and the bloggers mood.  And really, seasons aren’t seasons any more, trends hardly trends, so instead of giving you a nice, tidy list of items that may or may not work in YOUR life and wardrobe, I’m going to talk about over arching summer trends that will last you for a few years, what’s fun, what’s new, and what’s great out there in the marketplace.  I will assume you aren’t limited by the attention span of a gnat and that if you’re here, you can handle paragraph form.

Probably the biggest comeback trend this season (Summer 2014, for those of you reading in the future……) is the return of Boho.  Bohemian styles are always popular in summer, their breezy, flowy maxi dresses are perfect for the hot weather.  Many looks work over a swimsuit or to a pool party.  Versatile, comfortable and fun.  Where one must be careful is in the quality of the garment — it is VERY easy to wind up looking like you’ve shopped for your clothes from street vendors selling elastic waist harem pants AND incense  (one stop shopping, natch).  The hallmarks of the Bohemian style this summer include the aforementioned flowy maxi dresses, lace trim, fringe, cropped tops, halter styling, tunics, bell sleeves, piled on jewelry, etcetera.  Free People owns this look, but it’s widely available in many stores now.

freepeople freepeople2

If modern, clean lines are your thing, cut-outs and geometric shapes are a great way to go.  Before you panic, realize that many cut outs can be too revealing, but many others are lined with sheer fabric, or the cutout itself can be an asymmetrical hem or neckline.  Big graphic (mostly black and white) prints are another way to embrace this look.  Stella McCartney has some fabulous pieces right now.

stella stella2stella3

There’s another trend this summer that I refer to as “fancy pants” — the beauty of it is that the fit and cut of the pants is kind of up to you, but black trousers and plain jeans are OUT for summer.  Think prints, palazzo, flowy, cropped, harem, wide leg, cigarette styling, long to the floor, you name it (just not all at once).  But pants and a SIMPLE clean tee or tank is as de rigueur as a maxi dress for a summer party, and a bit more practical in some cases.  Anthropologie has all shapes and sizes and patterns available.

anthropants anthropants2

When it comes to shoes, Gladiator sandals have been popular for a few years now.  What’s different this year is that they are going higher and higher up the calf, with some reaching the knee, in what can almost be considered a perforated, ventilated, summer boot!  They are, shall we say, a lotta look, but I also think they can be the focal point of an outfit.  Pair them with a simple tunic dress or shorts.  There are plenty of versions that go solely to the ankle or a nudge above, so just how gladiatory you want to go is up to you.  Stuart Weitzman has several incredible versions of this shoe made beautifully.


gladiator gladiator4 gladiator21


So there are just SOME of my Summer Trendslations.  Of all the seasons, I do think Summer is the one to have a fling with your fashion.  Enjoy.



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