Soul Dressing

My father felt my interest in Fashion was frivolous.  He was a Dentist, my mother a Nurse, my brother a Lawyer, my sister earned her Masters in Social Work, etc.  I was steadfast in my desire to study Fashion in college, despite his warnings of earning a “useless’ degree.  After all, Black Sheep wear Little Black Dresses, no?

His opinion of Fashion as a field of study or career choice influenced me greatly nonetheless.  Is it frivolous?  Does what we wear really matter, the way, say, a medical career does?  Anyone who loves fashion will tell you of course it does. Clothes Make the Man and all that, and I do believe it is the most obvious-to-the eye form of non-verbal communication we have in our lives.  But lately, as clients and friends come to me for fashion advice, I find that as much as I may know in my head would look the best on their body type, it may not suit who they are, and even more importantly, how they’re feeling about their current life situation.

Sadly, it seems that lately this journey we call life has shown my friends and family illness, death, divorce, job loss, and all manner of tragedies that will take your breath away as much as any birth, marriage, promotion or other celebratory occasion.  So.  What to wear to a summer beach wedding (flowy maxi dress and metallic flat gladiator sandals, natch)?  What to wear to sign your divorce papers or to your daughters’ friends’ mothers’ funeral?  What do you wear when the last thing on your mind or in your heart is yours or anyone else’s appearance?

To anyone who’s ever fretted about an outfit choice, in good times or bad, my trendslation is, if you’re in a time in your life where you’re working on your inner growth, you should know that you are dressing your soul.  Adornment of your inner beauty reveals your outer loveliness in ways no dress or shoe ever could.

The Buddha says renounce your possessions.  Eckhart Tolle says no material THING can make you happy.  For me, fashion truly is art.  That I can wear it, is a blessing.  That it might make my legs look longer or my waist smaller, all the better.  But I am fully aware that whether I collected coins or rare pottery or shoes, no OBJECT can bring me true joy.  So whether you break out the yoga pants, the kaftan, and the Uggs, or make stylish  fashion choices to boost your spirit during a tough time, relax. Take care of you.



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