One word: FINALLY.



Of all the articles, blog posts and interviews I’ve seen bemoaning Photoshop, and it’s effect on everything from teenage girls to global warming, I am proud and happy to see real progress that isn’t only representative of change, but has a direct, practical application for real live people!  I am thrilled to bits to see the Australian based website Sizeable allow you to shop for clothing on one of SIX body types.  And get ready — this isn’t air brushed plus size models manipulated in celebrity endorsed clothing with impeccable lighting and makeup.  Once you choose your model, you can see her PRECISE measurements. When you shop for clothing on your model, she is shown. just. standing. there.  No hand on the hip, no turned in feet, no jutted out chest.  Plain as day, nary a smile, for you to better determine if the clothing you are looking at will actually fit you.  Not in a instagrammed filtered selfie, in real actual life.  Because sometimes, just sometimes, women just stand there.

Not since Zappos pioneered free shipping both ways has such an improvement been made in the online shopping experience.  It ain’t perfect, but with any luck, the Big Guys (J. Crew, et al) will jump on the bandwagon and we won’t NEED all the carbon-footprint-stomping shipping back and forth of ill-fitting wares.  Bravo, Sizeable.  Bravo.


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