Spring Cleaning


We’ve had the first glimpse of Spring weather in the Northeast, and despite the forecast showing Spring has hardly took firm hold, it was warm enough for long enough to start thinking about ditching the boots and the cashmere for slips of dresses and pedicure bearing gladiators.  But before we talk about buying into any “hot” Spring Trends, I’m a firm believer of “one item in, one item out” when doing a seasonal closet changeover.  Even if you’re lucky enough to have closets that accommodate your entire wardrobe in one place, surely there’s a front and a back, or a high and a low in terms of the accessibility of your clothes.

There’s no shortage of advice out there for purging a closet, including the sage, “only keep what makes you feel alive!” to the ridiculous “if you haven’t worn it in one year, it goes.”  We live in a disposable society, with Fast Fashion like H&M, Target, Zara, and the like pushing out cheap runway knock offs that are trendy and made to be tossed.  However you feel about Masstige and it’s effect on the environment, your budget, and how you approach shopping, one cannot deny that we all just seem to Have. More.

I always feel a bit of shame when I tuck away my winter duds, sad for the bottom of the pile sweater I never got to, or the Holiday frock that never got to dance.  Especially in winter, I tend to wear the same 20% of my wardrobe every day, diving deeper for special occasions or work related events.  It is for this reason that I do not advocate the “one year” rule, as I have absolutely had years in my life where a certain type of event (business conference, wedding, luau) hasn’t occurred but may very well occur again.  I much prefer considering letting go of clothing for the first, more philosophical reason I mentioned.

If you put something on and it makes you feel bad about yourself, it hasn’t earned it’s place in your life.  And if this measure renders you with an empty closet, then it’s time to get shopping! We’ll have a trendslation of the Spring 2014 trends coming soon.  Once you decide what needs to go, I recommend a firm, “keep, donate/consign, alter” as a way of sorting through your clothing.  More and more I feel like the seasons are melding together, and seasonless dressing is both economical and stylish.  Layers, spring weight cashmere, cardigans, blazers, are all versatile pieces that extend your Spring wardrobe into Fall.  Alterations for an item that no longer fits or needs repair can breathe new life into pieces that otherwise take up space.  Donating clothes is ALWAYS a good idea, passing them on to those in need.  For items in pristine condition that may have a bit more pedigree I recommend developing a relationship with a local consignment shop  (stay tuned to this blog for a run down of the eclectic and local Consignment scene).  There’s gold in them there closet, getting cash for an item you’ve never worn takes the sting out of having made a poor fashion choice quite well.

Happy Cleaning!



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