Hello, Lovah.


It’s been ten years since Sex & The City ended it’s run on HBO, and much has been said about its influence not only on Pop Culture, but on Fashion.  Life for Single Girls everywhere was defined by the show for some years, perhaps leading to the Anti-SATC tome, Girls.  Where Lena Dunham personifies normcore, Sarah Jessica Parker and her girls personified trend, glamour, and the-cost-of-rent shoes.

It seemed like a no brainer for Ms. Parker to enter the fashion world in her own way, I mean, if Kim Kardashian can have a line of clothing, one would hope that SJP could parlay her iconic style into AT LEAST a collaboration with the show’s costume designer, Patricia Field.  Actually, I kinda wish she HAD gone that route, as what she chose took her on a circuitous ride around the industry with not much to show for it.  Until now.

Her first foray into the rag trade was for Bitten, a low-priced masstige line for the now defunct Steve & Barry’s.  Amidst basketball shoes and sweatpants were SJP’s sweatpants and t-shirts.  This is one of those circumstances of misbranding.  Perhaps begin with a higher end line more in keeping with her image and THEN go low.  Fail.

Next, SJP created her eponymous fragrance line, claiming an actual knowledge and love of fragrance mixing.  The bottles were beautiful, the scents tasteful.  Lovely.  (actually, that’s what one of them was named, I believe)

The most exciting of her ventures was her foray as Creative Director for Halston Heritage.  At a time when Halston was a tarnished, faded iconic brand of yore, who better to revive the brand than Carrie Bradshaw!  Coinciding with the release of the SATC movie, one wonders if the setting of Dubai was written in as a way to allow for extra caftans from the Halston line to get screen time.  Talk about product placement!  The two parted ways in less than a year, citing irreconcilable creative differences.  Alas.

So it is on the heels of this news (get it?) that we are pleased to see Ms. Parker throw her foot into the proverbial ring once more with the launch of SJP Shoes.  One cannot think of Sarah Jessica OR Carrie Bradshaw without thinking of Manolo Blahnik, but believe it or not the $300-450 price range of her new collection for Nordstrom is actually a very affordable (by comparison) way to have her touch the hem of your garments….

And so?  How’s the line look?  Ms. Parker has always spoken in interviews about her midwestern modest upbringing, and she nods to the hair ribbons she wore each day (as a way to make one of her only two dresses look new) with a branded grosgrain ribbon placed somewhere on each shoe.  The line consists mostly of (shocker!) heels, but modest ones at that.  There are a few espadrilles and even some flats, but all in all it is a classic, beautifully made collection.  To me the line is made for the woman who grew up with SATC and is a bit more mature.  It is the perfect womans’ shoe wardrobe.  Sexy red pump, check.  Jaunty D’orsay heel, check.  Strappy date night shoe with your very own Mr. Big, check.  Truly, this venture of the lovely SJP is exactly that, lovely.


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