Attention Shoppers


Whether you waited in line with bated breath outside your local Target before they opened, or casually passed by the crowds of carts in the store later on, there’s no ignoring the mass marketers’ latest high-low designer collaboration with Peter Pilotto for Target.  

The Brit design duo known for über trendy kaleidoscopic prints is a perfect match for masstige, as the Print itself  is the thing, rather than construction detail, high-end fabrications, or complicated designs.  Each item in the 70 piece collection retails for under $60, and is available at Target,, and  I checked out the collection myself yesterday, and found it to be a mixed bag of kooky and stylish.

My trendslation?  Buy a single piece and wear it with denim, white, or black.  The prints themselves are fantastic, but dizzying when shown as they are in the Lookbook.  Besides, it’s all sold out now anyway.  So if you want more than one piece you need to pay double on eBay to all the crazy cart people who showed up at 6am.


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