Last Will & Testament…


If you live in the Northeast (or much of the country, for that matter), it has been a brutal winter.  One of Polar Vortexes and Blizzards and the dreaded Snow Day. What’s a girl to do? Stuck at home with your spawn, while they amuse themselves in just such a way that you simply cannot conjure a clear thought?

Well, I’ve been watching movies.  On the iPad, with ear buds, and it allows me to miss such gems as “Daddy Day Care” and “Beethoven 3” on the Big Screen in my living room.  Limited to Netflix streaming, I have found a mother lode of FANTASTIC Fashion Documentaries.  Bill Cunningham, New York is a lively look at one of New York’s Finest.  And by finest, I mean Icon…he photographs stylish folks all over the streets of New York from his bicycle and posts weekly in the New York Times.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, shame on you.  You will have a big, fat smile on your face while watching this movie, all the while kicking yourself for not bike riding more.

Another Fashion Icon is honored with the film Diana Vreeland, The Eye Has To Travel.  Quirky and eccentric barely cuts it when describing the venerable fashion maven, but what fun to peek into her world, her loves, and yes, her (traveling) eye.  There are designer profiles, too.  Isaac Mizrahi’s Unzipped is a classic by now, and Valentino, The Last Emperor follows the lavish designer through to his recent retirement.

I’m half way through the peek into the history of Bryant Park Fashion Week in The Tents (what? I had to stop and fix the littles hot chocolate…), and recently enjoyed my favorite of the lot, Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorfs.  This is a love letter to Retail, to Fashion, AND to New York.  It’s a real life Sex and The City and Breakfast at Tiffany’s all rolled into one delicious behind the scenes ride.  And really, I can’t think of a better place to spend my eternal days…..


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