Grammy 2014 Fashion Review

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Last night the Music Industry congratulated itself with the 56th Annual Grammy Awards Show.  Of all the Awards shows, this is the one where the Performances are the Thing.  It’s difficult to talk solely about the Red Carpet when there were so many incredible (and befuddling) music performances during the show (each with their own fashion moments).  But for now, we will try to make sense out of some interesting choices by the stars last night, beginning with the Mother of Reinvention, Madonna.

Madge is always a highlight on the Carpet, and when others call her crazy, I’m usually applauding her over-the-top get ups.  Last night, however, the incredibly fit Madonna was uncharacteristically covered up in a Ralph Lauren gaucho suit with hat.  And by gaucho, I mean the Spanish Cowboy, not the skirt-pants of our youth….the internets are a buzz with comparisons to the Quaker Oats man, but even more concerning than her ensemble was her face.  I imagine the transition from Pop Icon to Pop Legend must be a difficult one, and one that Madonna appears to be struggling with.  There is no denying that her body defies her age, but whatever procedures she’s doing to her face were distracting and off-putting.

Other musicians had some sour notes last night in their Fashion, I did not like Katy Perry’s Valentino dress at all.  I thought the music notes were too literal, the dress itself was distracting messy, the hair too stiff.  Paula Patton (Mrs. Robin Thicke) wore a zebra get-up that was so hideous only Katy Perry could have gotten away with it.  (see what I did there?)  Patton always reminds me of John Legend’s wife, Chrissy Teigen, who stunned in a revealing gold beaded Joanna Johnson gown.  Or maybe it’s John Legend that reminds me of Robin Thicke?  I don’t know, they’re stylistically interchangeable to me.

Anna Kendrick, Miranda Lambert, and Alicia Keys kept up the to-the-waist low-cut neckline trend we noticed at the Golden Globes, and Kacey Musgraves in Armani Prive along with Sara Bareilles in Blumarine had the ethereal ruffle parade going strong.  Two stars that also played on the same trend — floral lace with sheer inserts — were Beyonce and Colbie Callait.  I LOVE LOVE LOVED Beyonce’s white Michael Costello gown with messy hair and smokey eyes, and hated Colbie Callait’s red Ezra Couture gown with one shoulder pad.

Pink wore a red Joanna Johnson satin mermaid dress that fit her to perfection, while Lorde wore a horribly ill-fitting but interesting black satin Balenciaga dress.  Lorde is VERY young, very much an individual, and I kind of love her for that.  She straightened her famous curls last night, wore much discussed finger makeup and menswear for her performance, and her choice of gown would have been perfect had it fit.  I love that she has real thighs, I just think the dress should drape and not pull, and the length was about 4 inches too short.  Tailoring, people!

One of my absolute favorites of the night was Ciara in gold Emilio Pucci.  She wore a form-fitting beaded gown over her baby bump, revealing pregnancy cleavage with covered arms.  This dress was sexy and tasteful and elegant while being Rock and Roll.

Cyndi Lauper was the Helena Bonham Carter of the Grammys in quirky Alexander McQueen.  This is a woman who is aging gracefully and artfully.  Also quirky but sexy and unique is Rita Ora in green iridescent Lanvin.  I loved this dress and her hair — Modern Marylin.

I gasped when I saw Taylor Swift in gold chain mail Gucci.  This dress is truly one of the most beautiful Red Carpet gowns I have seen in a long time.  It fit her to a T (pun intended), she was styled perfectly, and I am certain she will be on many Best Dressed lists from last night.  For some reason the producers of the Grammys felt the need to install a Tay Tay Cam, so that we may delight in the young Ms. Swifts every eye gaze, jaw drop, dance move, or disappointment.  Watching her raise the roof to Kendrick Lamar and later convulse on stage with Hair Band Hair Flips during her performance, well, it may not make sense but it ruined the gown for me.  It is for that reason that Queen Bey, Mrs. Carter, mother of Blue Ivy, wearer of the Ass Cage during her hot hot hot performance will get my vote for Best Dressed.  That white gown was incredible, and she is the Real Deal.



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