2013 Oscar Fashion Review




See all the gowns mentioned in this blog here: 2013 Oscar Fashion Review

Full disclosure:  I fell asleep.  At 10:58, I closed my eyes and turned off the remote.  Before Jennifer fell , before FLOTUS, before Argo.  I was brushing my teeth when Anne Hathaway won.  I forgot to DVR the Red Carpet Arrivals.  Bad, bad, blogger.  The truth is, Awards season is long.  And after a while, one almost feels like that week between Christmas and New Years when you realize Thanksgiving was 5 minutes ago, and Valentines Decorations are on display.  Too much at once.  It didn’t help that I found Seth McFarlane to be a rude, inane, dull host.  And I love rude!  Ricky Gervais at the Globes was my favorite!  I just didnt think he was all that funny.  Thankfully, with the help of YouTube, Facebook, and The Huffington Post, I’m all caught up and ready to talk gowns.  And facial hair.

Let’s just get this out of the way.  If you missed it, every single man at the Oscars had full on 70s facial hair with long locks and a 3 piece tux.  The predominance of ill fitting vests and porn star hair was best expemplified by none other than Bradley Cooper.  But also in costume were Paul Rudd, Hugh Jackman, George Clooney, Ben Affleck, and Channing Tatum (the latter in a vest, but wonderfully clean shaven).  I’m sure they’re all donning this look for their next film, but it just felt creepy.

Now. On to the ladies of the evening, we’ll get right down to it.  Jennifer Lawrence famously tripped in her Dior Couture gown as she came up to accept her award.  She’s just turned 21, and spoke about looking forward to this year’s show more than last because she could get good and drunk.  Classy.  She’s a BEAUTIFUL girl who loves her Dior.  Her dress at the Globes also tripped her up by getting caught on her heel and tearing.  Girl needs some runway walking lessons, or a new hemline.  I loved the white gown she wore and felt it managed to not look Bridal, but I would have loved to see her in a more modern, architectural dress to change it up.  Also in a voluminous gown was famously simple Jennifer Aniston in red Valentino.  She NEVER does full, and this was FULL.  She kept the color and the detail to her signature minimum, allowing the ball gown silhouette to do the work.  I felt like she has been pouring through bridal magazines and has princess brain and tried to marry this with her typical minimalist style.  I didnt love it or hate it.

Halle Berry and Jane Fonda channeled a Dynasty moment with strong shoulders and low cut necklines.  I didnt love either of these looks, I felt like it wasn’t a time for 80s redux.  Helen Hunt wore a dress from the uber trendy, uber cheap H&M.  She mentioned it was eco Friendly, and accessible.  Sharon Stone famouly wore a Gap turtleneck on the red carpet some years back (but with a Valentino jacket), and I felt this move by Ms. Hunt was gimmicky.  And most of all, that the dress itself was boring.

There really weren’t any overriding trends on the Carpet last night.  I did love the hair trend of a loose, casual bun that Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Amanda Seyfriend, Naomi Watts, Nicole Kidman AND Jennifer Garner all sported.  It never gets old for me.  Speaking of Amy Adams, I felt she stunned in a dove gray Oscar de la Renta gown that was breathtaking on her, if not at all original.  I feel like I’ve seen this dress too many times to Google.  Ruffles are a HUGE trend for Spring 2013, as anyone with a rear view of Jennifer Garner could attest to.  I thought this dress was elegant from the front, and AWFUL from behind.  It made her look pregnant, which makes no sense, but somehow the proportion of fullness to narrowness didnt work for me at all.

Kelly Rowland was my best dressed at the Grammy’s in a sleek, sexy dress with illusion cut outs.  She was ALL kinds of wacky last night in Donna Karan Atelier black and white Pageant Dress Gone Awry and space age topknot hair.  I also hated Jennifer Hudson in a blue sequined busy thing with a WIDE center slit pointing to her crotch.  Never a good idea.  Sally Field was stunning at the Globes, but WAY too covered up and matronly in Valentino last night.  She’s a tiny thing, that was a lotta dress.

Octavia Spencer was wrapped in pale tulle by Tadashi Shoji, and I felt this dress gave her too much volume and not enough romance.  I think she should play and try a new designer next time.  Also loyal to her designer was Renee Zellweger in Carolina Herrera.  She looked robotic and swollen and perhaps post implants in this gold dress.  I didnt love the overall effect.

Also in gold was Catherine Zeta-Jones in one of JLo’s hand me down Zuhair Murad dresses.  This dress looked uncomfortable and old.  I thought Sandra Bullock in Elie Saab was fine for a Presenter, but un exciting, as was Melissa McCarthy in David Meister.  I absolutely HATED her BIG hair with this gray dress.  I felt like she looked unwell.  Perhaps it was the color of the dress, or the over the top makeup and hair, but I felt worried for her.

Reese Witherspoon made sure every single Red Carpet Interviewer knew she JUST had a baby, but I thought she embraced her curves well in a classic Hollywod mermaid gown by Louis Vuitton.  Olivia Munn looked scary pale in a red Marchesa gown with gold trim that felt very Chinese New Year meets Holiday Decoration to me.  It was an odd palette for the normally ethereal Marchesa.

Clean lines were the theme for Charlize Theron in Dior, Jesssica Chastain in Armani Prive, and Anne Hathaway in Prada.  I thought all of these looks were beautiful.  Anne’s dress was very interesting in the back, and other than the darting at the bustline creating two pointed cone like nipples, I loved this dress.  Jessica’s nude sequined Armani felt like the Chrystler Building, I thought it was divine. Also SkyScraper-esque was Stacy Keibler in Naeem Khan.  I also loved Naomi Watts in Armani Prive, I felt this dress could have been a disaster in a lopsided boob type way on anyone else, but it fit her to a T.

Not fitting well was Alexander McQueen with a gaping neckline on Amanda Seyfried and a chokeholding neckline on Salma Hayek.  I think these dresses overwhelmed their wearers.  Adele got her fit PERFECT in a simple and elegant Jenny Packham black sequined dress.

I love me some risk taking on the Red Carpet, and one can always count on the ever eccentric Helena Bonham Carter to wear Vivienne Westwood like no one else can.  I really loved this look on her as I found it very “her” while still being just plain pretty.  Nicole Kidman went for a departure from her typical stone statue uptight weirdness with a sex kitten sequined L’Wren Scott dress that screamed, “Hey Nicki (Minaj), he’s MINE, b*#ch!”.  I dont know if I loved it, but I just kept thinking, it didnt look like HER.  In a good way.

In the beginning of the night I hated Kerry Washington’s Miu Miu dress, but by the end, I loved it.  Such is the way with Miu Miu for me, it grows on you.  I do feel like she has a curvy, Jessica Rabbit body and she tends to wear architectural modern gowns that her body seems to be fighting to shine through.  But otherwise, this unique dress was really beautiful. Another dress I hated to love was Zoe Saldana in Givenchy.  She wore a very risky, edgy, purple and gold number the year Avatar was nominated that for me, put her on the map of fashion risk taking stars.  She has not disappointed this year with this dress that had floral appliques, a layered, ombre hem, and belt.  My ONLY change would have been to remove or simplify the belt itself.  If both buckled AND tied and it distracted from the gorgeousness at the top and bottom of the dress.

My best dressed has to be the most simple, elegant thing I’ve seen on the Red Carpet in a long time.  A sucker for an LBD, I simply GASPED when I saw Samantha Barks in Valentino.  A low cut neck with the perfect necklace and hair, and she was absolute Perfection!


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