Fashion Challenge: Global Warming


This morning, on the fifth day of April, I woke up to dark, gloomy skies and threatening rain.  I have literally had a chill or been cold in whatever it is I have worn since October, so I chose a warm outfit to start my day assuming the worst.  After going outside and seeing the 65 degree temperature I went back in and changed into a mildly spring-like outfit, and — wait for it — EXPOSED my ankles!   For the first time since October, I was NOT going to wear socks, boots, tights, or any other manner of coverage for the lower 2 or so inches of my legs.  Boyfriend jeans rolled up and a platform heel with a tank and a shrunken cardi.  Woo hoo!   Upon exiting my morning appointment, after hearing howling winds DURING said appointment, I came outside to a near twenty degree DROP in temperature.  Frozen solid in my new spring duds, I ran home quickly to put on, you guessed it, socks. boots. turtleneck.  UGH.


3 thoughts on “Fashion Challenge: Global Warming

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